Flip Top Wall Mount Wipes Dispenser

SKU: 1005FT

Our junior size Certainty™ Flip Top Wipes Dispenser features a spring loaded top to ensure the wipes stay fresh longer and don’t dry out. This modern-looking unit dispenses wipes one at a time and can be wall mounted or used with our pole stand (C9FTS).


  • Durable plastic
  • Keyed entry
  • Vertical swing door
  • Mounting hardware included
Product Type: Wipes Dispenser
Unit Size:
28 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm / 11.0″ x 5.9″ x 5.9″
SKU: 1005FT
Case Dimensions

29 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm

11.4″ x 6.3″ x 6.3″

Weight: 0.65 kg / 1.4 lb


  • Office: Desks / Keyboards / Mouses / Phones
  • Retail: Grocery carts and handles / Staff hands
  • Senior Care: Perineal care / Hands / Face
  • Child Care: Hands / Faces / Bottoms

Recommended for

  • Small to Mid-sized Facilities
  • Offices
  • Senior Care Homes
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Studios
  • Therapy Clinics

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